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A shared vision to grow BJJ – 2019


The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world is expanding. The sports’ recognition and participation on the global platform is seeing dramatic growth at a rapid rate. With new gyms steadily popping up and existing and new brands and initiatives expanding and evolving with new concepts all the time, the shared gain of expanded awareness and participation is being felt by the industry. As an independent brand, witnessing this common objective and dedication towards growth within our industry is encouraging.

In this latest blog we’re looking at our recently announced partner, one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu latest additions which shares our vision to grow our BJJ, Grappling Industries.

Grappling Industries is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission-Wrestling Gi and No Gi tournament featuring a unique round robin format. Acting as the middlemen between grapplers and gyms everywhere, Grappling Industries vision is to develop a platform used throughout the world for competitors to distinguish themselves from each other. The brand is committed to creating an enabling environment conducive to the development of BJJ and Submission-Wrestling. Born out of Montreal, Canada, the brand sought to provide more competition opportunities locally. It now runs several competitions a year in Canada and has been a staple on the Australian circuit for the last few years as well. Here in Oz, 2019 is set to be their biggest year yet with plans to run the event circuit 4 times next year, each time visiting 4 States (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia). Being BJJ competitors themselves, the guys really understand what the industry needs and their competitors want. It is an honour to work alongside them.  We will be supporting Grappling Industries by showcasing our pop up shop at each of the events but not in the format you may have seen before…..product launches, huge promotions, giveaways and much more will be on offer. We’re excited to represent our industry in new and innovative ways, it’s always about giving back.

We’re stoked to be on this journey with another growing brand focused on the growth of the sport. At the end of the day, it is a shared passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that brings us all together. Our focus as a network needs to remain on the sport itself and how we can continue to obtain opportunities to enjoy our sport and each other. The future depends on what we do now…..The fight Never Ends.