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Another One Bites the Dust!

As we roll into December and all begin to wonder where yet another year has gone, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our 2017 and what lies ahead.

Kicking off on the Mats, we have seen real incredible representation by our extraordinary athletes and ambassadors this year – with countless successes on home soil including too many wins and gradings to mention, once again our Aussie talent have continued to impact the global arena as well.  We kicked off the year with three winning tickets from the Abu Dhabi World Trials to represent Australia in Abu Dhabi alongside countless BRAUS athletes appearing off their own accord.  Inspiring efforts by all who competed, with the stand out, one of our 2017 athlete additions, Black Belt and Australian Girls in Gi fouder, Jess Fraser making it to the finals day.  The charismatic Kit Dale toured around Europe representing Australia at the ADCC amongst others, whilst BRAUS’ very first athlete, now brown belt, Levi Leary-Jones won championship title at the Pan-Ams.  Much admired brown belt, Hope Douglass was invited to compete and represent Australia at Copa Podio Brazil and devoted Black Belt Minol Tavares Tutida was crowned SJJIF world champion in America.

We have welcomed some truly great talent to our existing great BRAUS and BRAUS Youngers teams this year and will continue to work with each of our team into the new year, with our unmoving vision of supporting local talent, expanding the BJJ industry here on home soil and providing opportunities for Australia to be represented abroad.

2017 saw the launch of two new designs in our kimono range, The Gentle Warrior and Titanium, both built with your feedback in mind have been well received from you, our community, inspiring us to continue evolving our Gi range into the future.  We’ve been working tirelessly on our new No-Gi range which we’re excited to launch very soon – you have been asking for it and we’ve listened! Watch this space. BRAUS Lifestyle hit the ground running with the popular tanks flying off the shelfs, we’re working on new designs and promise to get more of this stuff alongside more accessories out to you very soon.

BRAUS Experience continues to flourish, with some exciting new projects in the pipeline for the new year – we will continue to focus on sharing moving moments of those around us, encouraging us all to always remain inspired by the lives and life around us.  As well as adding some new exciting experiences and initiatives to bring our community together even further.  2018 come at us!

Thanks to your substantial and generous contributions, our charitable branch Rolling 4 A Reason has continued to thrive this year, supporting and providing to those in need.  The donations have gratefully been received by several groups in 2017 including; our friends in WA, Leo Bobadilla and GFT Mandurah, who provide classes to children living with disabilities such as downs syndrome; the children of Rio De Janeiro favelas (slumps) which were visited by Black Belt Alex Santos from ASBJJ Cia Paulista earlier this year; and to wrap the year up we’ve just made a second donation to Constable Matthew from Port Stephens Youth Command, Newcastle, who is running BJJ classes to support disadvantaged kids in the local community.

Rolling 4 a Reason is only made possible by you, our community, so we take this opportunity to extend a massive thankyou to all of your kindness this year, special shout outs to the crew from Training Grounds Sydney and those mentioned above who lead the way in supporting those less fortunate.  We will continue to work with new and existing partners into the new year locally and abroad, forever with the mission to support our community at every opportunity.

With absolute sincerity and gratefulness we extend the warmest thank you and Happy and Safe Seasons Greetings to all of you our BJJ Community.  It continues to be a huge honor to support such an exciting industry filled with such incredible people.  We’re pumped to be by your side for 2018 and beyond, forever focused on evolving alongside you into the future…… let 2018 be the one …..The Fight Never Ends.

Special thanks to;

Our close affiliates, Gui Neves and Gabriella Motta from Garage Jiu-Jitsu in Sydney; Paulo Henrique Polimeno from Flow Martial Arts on the Gold Coast; Alexandre Santos from Cia Paulista North Melbourne – ASBJJ; Roberto Dib Frias and Tegan Krarup from One Purpose Brisbane; Glen Bailey from One Purpose Moore; Fabio Soares from Carlson Gracie Gold Coast; Ben Hall from Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Melbourne; Paulo Sorriso and Rafael Almeida Santos Turnbull from Sorriso BJJ New Zealand; Joel Warren; Veronica and Damien Lombard from Concept BJJ in Melbourne; Bradd O’Brien from Shark Jiu-Jitsu Wollongong; Fabio Glazer from Legacy Gold Coast, Scott Ireland from Training Grounds in Sydney; Emanuela D’Annibale from Arte Suave in Brisbane;  Justin Bennetts from The Agoge BJJ Brisbane; Minol Tavares Tutida from Equipe Mestre Wilson in Melbourne; John Smallios from Higher Health Jiu-Jitsu; Simon Tratt from Dubbo BJJ; Daniel Levi and Thiago de Castro from Checkmat Tweed Heads; Dean Kemper from Tenacity Jiu-Jitsu; Sarah Kennedy from Peninsula MMA; Leonardo Machado from Origem Jiu-Jitsu Australia; David Moreira from Portal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Byron Bay; Icaro Marques and Havel Marques from Marx Bros BJJ in Ballina; Marcel Sasso de Oliveira  from Cia Paulista Melbourne; Kevin Johns from Base MMA in Perth; Robert Naumoski and Stojan from Roots St. George; Damien Philpott from Capital Combat in Canberra; Rona Fry from North East BJJ & Grappling Tasmania; Luke from Open Guard..  The relationships we have with each of you means much more than business, we’re honoured to be sharing our journey with such incredible people.