BRAUS supports BJJ and MMA athletes in their quests to improve their minds, bodies and spirits through competition. It takes a special kind of martial artist to put themselves against another fighter in the name of self-improvement. For this reason BRAUS sponsors a select team of competitive athletes, providing them with BRAUS’ high-quality gear to ensure they can perform at their very best.

Kit Dale

28 year old, Australian born, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt practitioner, coach and competitor, Kit Dale, has only recently returned to the mats after being out for an extensive period due to injuries. Historically he dominated both on Australian soil with a plethora of accolades to his name, as well as abroad, previously seen dominating on the world circuit with appearances at Metamoris, Copa Podio, The IBJJF Worlds and more. The 2 x World Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion, 2 x world Pro silver medalist is focused on getting back into top position on and off the mats both abroad and on home grounds.

Roberto Dib Frias (BOB)

Black belt under Marco Barbosa at B9JJ in Sao Paulo – Brazil, Bob have been training BJJ since 1999 and competing regularly. He just moved to Australia recently and in his first year competing nationally he is already ranked AFBJJ No.1 in Australia in Gi and No Gi.

Bob’s goals to 2017 are to compete in the Abu Dhabi Worlds Pro, the Pan Pan Americans and World Championship to start with and then a number of other major International Championships in Brazil and Asia.

Jess Fraser

Jess Fraser began competing in 2011. Since then she has won 11x State titles, 7x National Championships, 11x Pan Pacific Championships, 7x Gold at the Australasian Abu Dhabi trials, 3 Naga Belts (advanced division), runner up in the 2011 ADCC trials, 3x Most Technical Female Fighter title at the Victorian State Championships, lead her team to Top Overall Female Teamat the Pan Pacific Championships 3 times, won the Abu Dhabi trials 4 times & gone on to medal three times while representing Australia in Abu Dhabi (blue, purple, black). She won silver at the IBJJF World Championships in 2012 and most recently became the first Australian black belt to hit the podium in Abu Dhabi at the World Pro. She is also the first and only Australian to make the Top Ten ranked Black belts in the UAEJJF ranking system.

Even with her impressive competition career Jess still sites her most proud accomplishment to be the creation and leadership of Australian Girls in Gi, the largest support organisation for women in jiu jitsu of its kind in the world. Jess is fiercely proud of the achievements of all Australian athletes as well as deeply involved in the development of the Australian BJJ community. She trains and coaches out of Vanguard BJJ in Richmond, Melbourne.



Ben Hodgkinson

Originally from Perth WA, he began training at 14 years old. He began entering local and national tournaments and immediately fell in love with the thrill of competition. Since beginning BJJ he always had dreams of becoming a world champion, but it wasn’t until he traveled to America for the first time in 2012 that he began to appreciate the level of hard work and dedication needed to compete at that level. Later that year Ben moved to Melbourne in an attempt to bring his training up to the next level. He has amassed an impressive collection of medals from every major tournament in Australia, as well as several international titles.

Hope Douglass

Brown belt training under Gui Neves, at Garage Jiu Jitsu in Sydney. As a young mother, Hope still manages to compete at the highest level. She regularly travels, trains and competes both nationally and internationally, having won gold titles such as WPJJC Australian National Pro Open Weight, 2 x IBJJF Sydney International Open, Pan Pacific & Victorian State. Hope is also responsible for the highly successful women’s only classes at myBJJ Team, which cater for women from all walks of life. She heads one of the biggest Women’s BJJ Teams in Sydney.

Rodrigo Costa

Rodrigo Costa

Brown belt under Habby Heske at the M1FC (Mach 1) gym in Perth under the Nova Uniao Aus/Clube Feijao banner. Rodrigo is a native of Brazil, but funnily enough it took him moving to Perth to start training jiu jitsu. He commenced in 2010 and has been training virtually every day ever since. Rodrigo said he feels fortunate to have some of the best training partners in Australia, who push him to excel at the gym while also creating a positive training atmosphere. He aims to compete as much as he can in both BJJ and MMA, and his goal is to become a BJJ world champion while continuing to pursue competitive MMA.

Levi Jones-leary

Levi Jones-leary

Brown belt BJJ competitor who trains under Master Gui Neves (Garage Jiu Jitsu). At 15 Levi made the decision to leave school and train full time in BJJ, and in the past few years he has won medals in various international titles, including Pan Ams Worlds and No Gi Worlds. He hopes to be a black belt world champion by 2018.

Sebastian Pentreath

Ariel Tabak

Purple belt under Gui neves out of Garage Jiu Jitsu.  He started Jiu jitsu at the age of 15 in Melbourne under Daniel Shaw. At the age of 18 he moved to Sydney to train under Daniel Sainty and Dave Brooksbank, then at the age of 21 he moved to Garage Jiu jitsu to train under Gui Neves, and joined the Braus Team. At the age of 22 he finished his Physiotherapy degree and have now begun to properly dedicate his time to Jiu jitsu.

Adam Watson

Adam Watson

Purple belt out of SKAMMA gym (Peter De Been 100{cf85d6e77c29d4f46f06b9997a0fa4f5fbcf4b5bda0ea38bf9698d986e79160e} Jiu Jitsu). He trains under both Bob Watson and David Kemp. He started training in July 2012 and after 3 months of training, he won his first competition as a white belt at a small in-club competition. Since getting his blue belt in 2014, he came second in the Asian Open 2015, won the open weight for Pan Pacs 2015 and most recently, won the Abu Dhabi Trials securing himself a trip to the Abu Dhabi World Pro. Adam is determined to become world champion and aspires to open his own gym one day allowing him to teach and train BJJ full time.