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“I used to live in a one-room house with my mother and my two sisters, beside a stream,” says black belt Thalison Soares, recalling the beginnings of his life before investing in a professional career in Jiu-Jitsu . The dictionary explains that a stream is a narrow body of water between two landmasses, almost a waterway that only holds canoes and small boats. “When it rained, the water rose until it hit the bottom of the house, we couldn't go out. Nowadays I have a much better life.” Braus Fight athlete

Since our conception we have prioritized upholding and delivering on our vision to help others and make our world a better place. The breadth of our projects has varied, predominantly focused on communities and people (Rolling For A Reason). As a socially conscious brand always striving to make a bigger difference, we recognized the opportunity to do more and impact more broadly by expanding our commitment to include environmentally supportive initiatives. It’s not enough to simply talk about being better as a brand, we have a responsibility to lead from

  Cross training is popular across almost every sport these days, maximising the efficiency of the athlete with training that supports the mind and body from varying angles. In this months blog we explore the alignment of surfing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how these two disciplines support one and another and have become more than two sports and now considered a lifestyle. Let’s start off considering the physical elements of surfing and BJJ. Both centre around endurance and strength. Achieving endurance and resting strength takes persistent conditioning. Both sports are equally demanding

  Psychology– the mental characteristics or attitude of a mind and its functions governing our behavioral responses to a situation or activity. What is it with BJJ? Why is the sport growing at such a rapid rate in popularity? We’re surrounded by endless fitness and health options these days, so what is about BJJ that is captivating people around the globe? In this instalment we take a look at the psychological and physiological effects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Let’s start with basic human nature or pre-conditioning of the human mind. We have been

Most people who have trained BJJ have wondered what a trip to train and/or compete in Brazil would be like. In June/July this year, I spent a solid month on the mats at Cicero Costha’s academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before hitting the competition mats at the 2016 Mundials. I learned a lot about myself and about life by toughing out those 5 weeks on the mats in Sao Paulo. And I would say that all serious BJJ practitioners should definitely consider training and competing in Brazil at least once

As our world continues to become smaller and more accessible thanks to a seriously competitive and doable travel market, it is challenging not to be tempted to go explore.  The skills and experience gained from travelling abroad provide life-long personal benefits. The cultural experience and fun of trekking outside home territory combined with practicing and evolving your beloved BJJ and skills on your journey is a recipe made in heaven! In this installment, we take a look at just a small handful of destinations recommended to get your BJJ on around