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“I used to live in a one-room house with my mother and my two sisters, beside a stream,” says black belt Thalison Soares, recalling the beginnings of his life before investing in a professional career in Jiu-Jitsu . The dictionary explains that a stream is a narrow body of water between two landmasses, almost a waterway that only holds canoes and small boats. “When it rained, the water rose until it hit the bottom of the house, we couldn't go out. Nowadays I have a much better life.” Braus Fight athlete

With the advances made in the last decades, we started to incorporate and use technology for almost everything in our routines. In the opinion of Leonardo Micussi, physical trainer of Braus Fight athletes, the advent of the internet brought an opportunity for Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. According to him, online training, a method that gained more evidence during the pandemic, represents an advance in relation to the preparation available in conventional gyms. “It is necessary to be clear that it will not be any type of training or professional that will be able to

Seeking to expand the frontiers of Jiu-Jitsu and open doors to a new generation within the competitive scenario, black belt Marcelo Ribeiro, leader of RMA Jiu-Jitsu, conceived his exchange project, Xchange, with the support of our partner Braus Fight. In a chat with GRACIEMAG, the black belt revealed details about the method used to select athletes, the challenges of opening his own gym and how GFTeam helped to carry out the initiative, generating fruit that reflected in the Jiu-Jitsu of prodigy son João Marcelo, who is still at purple belt, has

Lightweight idol Paulo Miyao is the cover character of the new issue of GRACIEMAG, issue #279. Check out an appetizer of the extensive interview with the beast, who explained his newest challenge in his career: being a successful teacher in New York, where he resides. GRACIEMAG: In a recent post on your social networks, you taught that one of the most important goals in life – sports or not – is to be happy now, and not wait for happiness in the future. But isn't living strategically just having your head on

ROLLING FOR A REASON was built on a foundation of compassion with an inspired vision focused purely on giving back and supporting individuals, communities and the wider world alike.  R4AR was born with one purpose – to make a difference – to change lives. We have been humbled by the collaborations we have been involved in to date which keep making this vision, to make a difference, a reality.  These communities, gyms and individuals inspire us to keep going and continue supporting, wherever possible. When we take a look at global poverty,

Since our conception we have prioritized upholding and delivering on our vision to help others and make our world a better place. The breadth of our projects has varied, predominantly focused on communities and people (Rolling For A Reason). As a socially conscious brand always striving to make a bigger difference, we recognized the opportunity to do more and impact more broadly by expanding our commitment to include environmentally supportive initiatives. It’s not enough to simply talk about being better as a brand, we have a responsibility to lead from

Situated in the heart of beachside suburb Cronulla, Primal Joe’s Coffee Co. is the greatest place to refuel after a hard training session. Owner and manager Ryan Buttita has been part of the Jiu Jitsu community as a competitor and coach for almost a decade and believes, as we do here at BRAUS FIGHT, in the development of the whole person for ongoing health and vitality. Jiu Jitsu trains your body and your mind, Ryan and his team ensure your body has only the best to put back into it. All

Today we’re sharing the journey of a young man that experienced desolation, abandonment, disappointment and desperation at a time in life which should be filled with joy.   The confidence, strength, encouragement and support he found in our beloved BJJ which helped him move out of his darkness is a familiar story. We share inspiring stories like Liam’s as we take our position without our community very seriously.  We want to help bring awareness, inspire and help others to see alternatives but equally remind us all that we are sharing the

And here we are, that time of the year again, knee deep in the silly season and reflecting on what has been and look forward with hope of what will be! 2018 has been a ripper for us, it’s once again proven to be a truly humbling experience to be able to support such an incredible network of people and athletes as well as wider Jiu Jitsu communities. This year we’ve been proud to see our athletes excel once again with countless achievements locally and abroad, including several new BJJ world titles, black,

The Project - Para, Brazil: Direct translation of Portuguese speaking, Brazilian, Ivan. That's How The Dream Started! "I began training Jiu-jitsu around twelve years ago. But I struggled to advance at first as I was married that year and what I earned at that time was barely enough to feed my wife and I. I could never buy a kimono for me to train. That made me very sad. I thought I would stop. But I remained firm training for two years straight. Until I suffered from panic attacks for six years. After