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Paulo Miyao’s new challenge

Lightweight idol Paulo Miyao is the cover character of the new issue of GRACIEMAG, issue #279.

Check out an appetizer of the extensive interview with the beast, who explained his newest challenge in his career: being a successful teacher in New York, where he resides.

GRACIEMAG: In a recent post on your social networks, you taught that one of the most important goals in life – sports or not – is to be happy now, and not wait for happiness in the future. But isn’t living strategically just having your head on the future all the time?

PAULO MIYAO: Being happy now doesn’t mean not thinking about the future or living recklessly. It means living in an open way, being grateful for what you’ve achieved. This does not depend on whether what was planned or planned for your life worked out or not. In fact, what we’ve learned over time is that most of our plans don’t go exactly the way we want them to. However, we can still see blessings and great lessons in everything that goes wrong in our lives. We just need to be attentive!

GRACIEMAG: What strategy did you have in mind when you opened your school, Studio 1908, in Brooklyn, the famous neighborhood of New York?

PAULO MIYAO: I believe that opening a school is not a good option for those athletes who do not enjoy teaching. Until a year ago, I didn’t have that pleasure and probably wouldn’t open a school if it hadn’t changed in my mind. I think everything changed when I started teaching at a local gym, at the request of my friend Rich, the owner of that gym. At first, I even thought it was a little strange to be enjoying it so much – I thought it was because it was something new. But, over time, I liked it more and more! Today I can’t wait to have a space where I can gather all my students and friends.

GRACIEMAG: Was opening the gym a huge challenge? Were there any unfortunate surprises?

PAULO MIYAO: Of course, starting something from scratch will never be easy. Obstacles will always arise; this is called life (laughs). The important thing is to have a positive mindset and move forward. I was lucky that my Sponsor Braus gives all the support I’m getting. Braus came to add up and I am very grateful to Renato [Nery], founder of the company. I believe that our partnership can only grow and generate beautiful results. Wait!