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Primal Joe’s Coffee Co.

Situated in the heart of beachside suburb Cronulla, Primal Joe’s Coffee Co. is the greatest place to refuel after a hard training session. Owner and manager Ryan Buttita has been part of the Jiu Jitsu community as a competitor and coach for almost a decade and believes, as we do here at BRAUS FIGHT, in the development of the whole person for ongoing health and vitality. Jiu Jitsu trains your body and your mind, Ryan and his team ensure your body has only the best to put back into it.

All ingredients are locally sourced, supporting local farmers and assuring they only use the freshest produce. Their coffee, Five Senses – is an ethical, organic and Fair Trade coffee company focused on flavour and end use.

The one thing they’re passionate about (after Jiu Jitsu!) is good, nutritious food. That’s why they pride themselves on their paleo options across the menu. No grains, no sugar, no processed food.

By teaming up with BRAUS FIGHT, you are now able to go in-store to Primal Joe’s and inspect as well as order your BRAUS gear! Drop in for coffee and a meal, talk to Ryan, and order your Gi all in one place! Sun, surf, good food and grappling – BJJ Lifestyle…


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