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Our pro light black jiu jitsu gi one of the lightest in our range and is best suited to competitors wanting to cut weight.  The pro light series is able achieve it’s ultra-light weight by using a special kind of fabric called pearl weave fabric. This fabric uses less material which gives it light-weight properties whilst using the strength of pearl weaves to maintain durability.

Apart from it’s light weight, pearl weave fabric has the added benefit or being harder to grip. The ridges and rough surface formed by the pearl weaves makes it a lot harder to form a tight grip which is a huge advantage in a fight. This along with the light weight of the gi make it perfect for the competitor looking to gain that extra edge on their opponents.

The Black Pro Light Jiu Jitsu Gi has been purpose-built for the modern BJJ practitioner.  It is made from some of the finest materials, such as premium cotton and pearl weave fabrics to provide comfort, in addition to being lightweight enough to be able to help you cut your weight if needed too. This material allows you to move freely, to be able to show off your skills and techniques without any restrictions.

Product Features:

Gi Jacket
  • 100% Ultra-soft cotton for superior comfort
  • 350 GSM Pearl Weave fabric; Lightweight, cool, harder to grip
  • Printed design using high print- sublimation for maximum durability
  • Extra reinforced and double stitched to support all the pressure of competition and hard training
Gi Pants
  • Reinforced stitching on key stress points
  • Made of high quality cotton and polyester

BRAUS Fight gives guaranteed customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, impeccable customer service and the on-time delivery of you new black Jiu Jitsu Gi’s. Order your Black Pro Light Jiu Jitsu Gi + Bag today and experience the difference that a BRAUS Gi can make.

This Black Jiu Jitsu Gi is available in a range of different sizes.  The entire line of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s from BRAUS Fight conform to the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  Federation standards and has been designed specially for the modern enthusiastic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete.

Size Guide
A0160 – 17255 – 70
A1168 – 17865 – 80
A1L173 – 18570 – 90
A2173 – 18575 – 95
A2L178 – 19080 – 100
A3178 – 19085 – 105
A3L183 – 19590 – 110
A4183 – 195100 – 115
A5188 – 200105 – 125
* Please note that the above sizing chart is to be used as a guide only. If you are unsure on the best size to suit your body type, please contact us for assistance
*Minimum 3 weeks delivery for all “out of stock” product
For purchases of 10 GIS or more, please get in touch for a quote through our ‘Retailers page’.

Additional information

Weight2 kg

Male XS – A00, Male S – A0, Male M – A1, Male L – A2, Male XL – A3, Male XXL – A4, Male XXL – A5, Female XS – F1, Female S – F2, Female L – F4, Female M – F3, Female XL – F5

1 review for Pro Light – Black Jiu Jitsu Gi

  1. Mike Lafleur (verified owner)

    We all know it can be a struggle to find the right GI for our body type. I already knew I liked the look of Braus GI but it is so confusing when you start comparing between the 2-3 different GIs you are intrested in as all the different brands have different size charts which doesn’t include shrinkage or even worst, they estimate the amount of shrinkage. It can become frustrating when it looks like nothing is made for your body type. It’s not easy to pull the trigger on which one to pick. So as written at the bottom of the page, I got in touch with them as I wasn’t sure of the right size. Shortly after, I had the recommendation to order a top A1 and pants A0. Bullseye! Not only the GI fit like a glove but the cut is great, the material is super light but solid, it isn’t over crowded of embroidery but has a neat look and it has the modern look of the new gis that aren’t so baggy without feeling restricted in it. It is also very light which will allow me to keep eating as I am at the top end of my weight division for my first comp in 2 weeks! No room for unecessary weight! So if you are after a great gi but aren’t sure which size to order, the first thing to do is to write to them and be as specific as possible with your body type and these guys will take care of the rest. Also I have no invested interest for writing this review! Just so you know!! I have 2 more gis to buy for my kids very soon, and I won’t bother looking around as much as I did before. Great communication, quick delivery and awesome product. Cheers!

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