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Season’s Greetings

As 2015 draws to a close, we look back on this great year and take the opportunity to send out a warm Seasons Greetings to all. Our first year in the market has been a successful one; we’ve exceeded all our own expectations of what we thought the Brand could achieve in year one – all of it made possible only because of the continued support and encouragement from our industry peers, partners and of course our athletes.

We would like to thank;

Garage Jiu Jitsu in Sydney for giving us our first Black Belt Gui Neves, both him and his partner in crime Gabriella Motta have supported BRAUS Fight from day one, providing us with endless encouragement and support every step of the way.

Sydney based Legacy Martial Arts, for working alongside us since mid 2015. Also, Thiago Braga, Brian Falzon and Lucas Santana who represented BRAUS Fight at Boa Super 8.

Flow Martial Arts on the Gold Coast whose coupling of Surf and Jiu-Jitsu provides their entire community and BRAUS Fight with a new way of approaching the sport. Ryann Creary and Paulo Henrique Polimeno are true ambassadors of our brand, endlessly supporting BRAUS Fight’ expansion across Queensland.

Cia Paulista North Melbourne – ASBJJ Alexandre Santos for being our first Black Belt sponsored athlete from Melbourne. He has provided us with a warm introduction to the Southern State and his fantastic academy.

The gentleman of Gerijitsu based out of Southern Cross Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Nova Uniao Australia – whose old school angle adds great value to the sport, reminding us all that we’re never too old to enjoy the art of BJJ.

John Smallios and Oscar Loudon from Jiu-Jitsu Commune; Felipe Grez from Jiu-Jitsu Kingdom; Carlos Portugues Vieira from Cia Paulista; Fabio Glazer from Training Grounds; Rahneer Fabi from PowerCore MMA; Rodney Ellis from Southern Cross Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Nova Uniao Australia and Igor Breakenback from Igor MMA. Thankyou all for giving BRAUS Fight the opportunity to work alongside you.

To AFBJJ and NSW BJJ Federation for giving BRAUS Fight the opportunity to sponsor a few of their Competitions; Life BJJ for the opportunity to sponsor the Wollongong Open; Australian Girls in Gi for allowing us to support their Sydney Competition; Grappling Industries for inviting BRAUS Fight to sponsor their Tournaments in Sydney; It’s been a great year on the events calendar, BRAUS Fight has been honoured to be a part of it.

To all our competitors – it’s an honour to sit next to such great brands working on a common goal of supporting this great sport.

And Thanks to our Athletes:

Levi Jones-Leary from Garage Jiu Jitsu for being BRAUS Fight’ first sponsored athlete. Since day 1 his belief in the brand has been equal to our belief in him. Representing us around the World.

Anaru Grant from Tukaha BJJ for being BRAUS Fight first Kiwi athlete, representing us in Abu Dhabi BJJ Worlds and New Zealand local tournaments.

Kate Da Siva from Gracie Gym Rotorua for being BRAUS Fight first Female MMA athlete, representing us in Brazil this year.

Rodrigo Costa from M1FC for being BRAUS Fight’ first Western Australian athlete representing us in Abu Dhabi at Abu Dhabi World Pro and in North America for the World Jiu Jitsu No Gi IBJJF Championship.

Hope Douglas from My BJJ for being BRAUS Fight’ first Female Australian athlete representing us in Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi World Pro and in North America for the World Jiu Jitsu No Gi IBJJF Championship.

Arnaldo Cardoso from Gracie Barra who has been recovering from injury, we look forward to seeing you back on the circuit next year.

Icaro Marques from Transform Martial Arts for being BRAUS Fight’ first Black belt athlete in Byron Bay.

Seb Pentreath from Transform Martial Arts who represented BRAUS Fight in various Queensland tournaments.

Amaury Menezes, Arthur Teixeira and Matthew Diaz; our first Legacy athletes who represented BRAUS Fight at The Pan Pacifics.

They have all had an incredible year, some of them jumping around the globe seeking new challenges, others dominating closer to home. They have proven to be some of the worlds finest and we have no doubt all of their success will only continue to grow.

Lest we forget our youngsters. These little legends are always a pleasure to watch train and compete – we feel honoured to be part of their journey from the beginning. They encapsulate our brand to their very core; Strong, Disciplined, Committed and Respectful. It’s been a big year for them all and we’re so proud to see them grow. Well done Cruz and Tahryn from Garage Jiu Jitsu, Ratu from Gracie Humaita, Isabel and Eemil from Team SPMA and Brionii from Concept BJJ.

Finally, a warm welcome to our newest additions; Black belt Lineu Vilanova from KMA Brisbane – De la Riva Australia; brown belt Joel Warren from Concept BJJ; our newest youngster Varun Mehrotra from My BJJ and Marley Sherlock from Extreme Mix Martial Arts; we look forward to being part of your exciting journey ahead.

We feel very privileged to work with you all and can’t wait for continued good times ahead. We have ambitious goals for the future of the brand and are looking forward to launching exciting new products and events with you all in the future. As always our primary goal and commitment is supporting the growth of BJJ in Australia – The Fight Never Ends. Happy Silly Season! Be Safe Roll on 2016!! OSS