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ROLLING FOR A REASON was built on a foundation of compassion with an inspired vision focused purely on giving back and supporting individuals, communities and the wider world alike.  R4AR was born with one purpose – to make a difference – to change lives. We have been humbled by the collaborations we have been involved in to date which keep making this vision, to make a difference, a reality.  These communities, gyms and individuals inspire us to keep going and continue supporting, wherever possible. When we take a look at global poverty,

Since our conception we have prioritized upholding and delivering on our vision to help others and make our world a better place. The breadth of our projects has varied, predominantly focused on communities and people (Rolling For A Reason). As a socially conscious brand always striving to make a bigger difference, we recognized the opportunity to do more and impact more broadly by expanding our commitment to include environmentally supportive initiatives. It’s not enough to simply talk about being better as a brand, we have a responsibility to lead from

Defined as a champion of solidarity and popularly referred to as “Indian”, Wévson Militão is a teacher of Jiu-Jitsu classes at Oca Dojo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in Salvador, Bahia. In parallel to his business life, Indian decided to provide an opportunity to change the paths of children through our beloved sport. Little ones who can’t afford the gym in the streets of Brazil have free access to train in his gym for free. “I started thinking about developing the project when I realized the need for the community to have an alternative

Today we’re sharing the journey of a young man that experienced desolation, abandonment, disappointment and desperation at a time in life which should be filled with joy.   The confidence, strength, encouragement and support he found in our beloved BJJ which helped him move out of his darkness is a familiar story. We share inspiring stories like Liam’s as we take our position without our community very seriously.  We want to help bring awareness, inspire and help others to see alternatives but equally remind us all that we are sharing the

And here we are, that time of the year again, knee deep in the silly season and reflecting on what has been and look forward with hope of what will be! 2018 has been a ripper for us, it’s once again proven to be a truly humbling experience to be able to support such an incredible network of people and athletes as well as wider Jiu Jitsu communities. This year we’ve been proud to see our athletes excel once again with countless achievements locally and abroad, including several new BJJ world titles, black,

The Project - Para, Brazil: Direct translation of Portuguese speaking, Brazilian, Ivan. That's How The Dream Started! "I began training Jiu-jitsu around twelve years ago. But I struggled to advance at first as I was married that year and what I earned at that time was barely enough to feed my wife and I. I could never buy a kimono for me to train. That made me very sad. I thought I would stop. But I remained firm training for two years straight. Until I suffered from panic attacks for six years. After

As we roll into December and all begin to wonder where yet another year has gone, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our 2017 and what lies ahead. Kicking off on the Mats, we have seen real incredible representation by our extraordinary athletes and ambassadors this year – with countless successes on home soil including too many wins and gradings to mention, once again our Aussie talent have continued to impact the global arena as well.  We kicked off the year with three winning tickets from the Abu Dhabi World

This unguarded inspirational piece, told from the mother herself, about her seemingly hopeless struggle to settle her unhappy child and the lifeline Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provided for the child and family on a whole.  Thank you to Shannyn Stevens and family for allowing us to share this. We salute you and all the parents around the world for never giving up….The Fight Never Ends. “Motherhood has changed me, stretched me, pulled me apart. It has broken me down but it has also filled me with so much light and love. The one

"A Woman is a human. She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative or more responsible than a man.  Likewise, she is never less." Let's hear it for the girls!  We are living in a period of great and exciting change and advancements. Technology is rife, human diplomacy and equality is at the forefront of our minds and discrimination of any kind is questioned and challenged. As with our society, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu holds countless success stories of evolution within it. In this piece and in honour of International Women's Day,

January Sunday 15 - Grappling Industries Melbourne 17*/18/19/20/21/22 European Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship Sunday 22 – Grappling Industries Brisbane Saturday 28 – UAEJJF Melbourne International Pro FOR REGISTRATION VISIT: KIDS DIVISION GI DIVISION NO-GI DIVISION Sunday 29 – “Initiator Crown” Event BJJ February Sunday 05 – Grappling Industries Adelaide Sunday 12 – Grappling industries Sydney Saturday 18 – Sydney International Pro Trials Saturday 18 - Hybrid Grappling 2 Sunday 19 – Pan Kids IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship – Long Beach Sunday 19 - “South East QLD Championship” March Saturday 04 - “Sydney Cup” Sydney Cup P/L Sunday 12 - “Byron Bay