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That’s How The Dream Started

The Project – Para, Brazil: Direct translation of Portuguese speaking, Brazilian, Ivan.

That’s How The Dream Started!

“I began training Jiu-jitsu around twelve years ago. But I struggled to advance at first as I was married that year and what I earned at that time was barely enough to feed my wife and I. I could never buy a kimono for me to train. That made me very sad. I thought I would stop. But I remained firm training for two years straight. Until I suffered from panic attacks for six years.

After I had treatment and I started training again but no gi Jiu-Jitsu . It was at that time that Jiu-Jitsu grew in my city. MMA fights began and no gi  jiu-jitsu was more geared towards MMA fights. To train Jiu-jitsu you had to have a gi but because I did not have the financial conditions to buy one I had to stop. Because I did not want to fight MMA. I practiced only for sport and was left isolated in the gym.

I stopped. I went into depression and I tried to kill myself. Because of many life difficulties. But with a lot of therapy I was able to strengthen myself. Last year a Jiu-jitsu project appeared at my son’s school. My wife told me to put my son on the project. Again I was sad that we could not buy the Gi for him. I made a decision that we were going to buy it for him and we bought a piggy bank and we were collecting any reais. In order to get a total of 150 reais I went to the store and I negotiated with the owner to do it for that price because it was 170. Still I had to borrow money to buy the Belt. I did the same process and bought mine. I bought some tarp and started teaching my son Jiu-Jitsu. I called some local children to roll with him too.

But my knowledge was limited. In Jiu-jitsu. I needed to evolve to teach children. I downloaded several videos from the Internet to study. I was thirsty for knowledge, I thought I had lost a great deal of time. I started to pass what I learned on the Internet to them and the first fruits came.

It all started with my son there at home on a canvas. Then I was invited to teach a social project. U. T. T. When I got there the parents liked my work. We got lots of medals.

I started to train hard at Sparta and I overcame depression thanks to Jiu-jitsu. But unfortunately the technical level of the athlete there was very high and I made a wrong exit of side arm-lock and I broke my rib. In April. I could not teach anymore. I spent almost two months without training. Due to not being able to give classes most of the children stopped, they did not adapt very well with the new teacher.

After I recovered from the ribs I was bitten by a tick and caught a spotted fever and almost died. Two more months. At the end of August I returned to light training. And teach classes. But suffer a new injury this time in the knee because it does not keep pace with the athletes of the academy that I attend. Last week I went back to light training again. But I only go a few times because there are many exercises and my knee still hurts a lot. But giving classes to children again I could never give because I have to work. With house-to-house sales to support my families. And save some money for my son to compete when he can.

But I will return to teach here at home on the canvas for the kids near home.  I live in a poor neighbourhood and the parents can not afford to buy Gis but we will train without Gis anyway.

I’m just hoping to improve on my knee so I can buy the canvas and go back to giving classes to the guys. I still can not keep my knee on the canvas.

But I have good faith in God that will work, I put a lot of ice and I’m improving.

This is a little bit of my story.”


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