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We’re also ready for 2016!

2016 is well under way and our youngsters have hit the ground running. Let’s take a look at what the remainder of the year has installed for our little champs!

Kicking off on home soil Orange Belt Tahryn Roberts of Garage Jiu Jitsu Bondi, has big aspirations for the year ahead. He would like to travel abroad to develop his skills further at competitions like the Pan Asian International in the Philippines and the IBJJF Kids International being held in the US later in the year, whilst continuing to compete in as many local and interstate tournaments as possible.

With plans to make his international debut at the Kids World Championships in LA later in the year, Orange Belt Varun Mehrotra of My BJJ Sydney is aiming to have his most competition active year yet. He will kick his year off avenging his title at the Winter Cup before focusing the remainder of the year on local state and interstate championships including the Pan Pacs and Australia Cup.

Aiming to join Varun at the Pan Pacs later in the year, Orange Belt Marley Sherlock of Extreme MMA Byron Bay will focus most his attention this year on continuing to expand on his existing impressive skillset at local Queensland State competitions with goals to join the NSW State, Nationals and local Grappling events too.

With just over 2 years of BJJ training under her belt and an already impressive 16 medals from 15 events in her pocket, Orange Belt, Brionii “Killer B” Cuskelly of Concept BJJ Melbourne, has big plans for 2016. She plans to continue training daily with her sights set on competing in 16 National and Interstate Competitions as well as joining the boys at the Kids World Championships in America.

Moving down a belt, brother and sister Yellow Belts Eemil and Isabel Iivonen of SPMA Sydney are also planning to enter the international scene this year, joining our Orange Belts at the Kids Wolds in LA as well as the Pan Asian Jiu-Jitsu Open in Manila in May.  The Family duo will also continue to travel across Australia competing in as many NSW, Queensland and Victoria competitions as possible.

Focused on dominating competitions on home soil this year, Yellow Belt Jesse Ryder of Concept BJJ Melbourne is aiming to compete monthly covering much of Australia at all available State Championships, including Tasmania, as well as joining our other BRAUS youngsters at the Pan Pacs, Nationals and Grappling Industry Events local and interstate.

Grey Belt, Ratu Cayuqueo of Gracie Sydney, goals for the year ahead include continuing his commitment to training with special attention on strength, cardio and game control. He will join the other belts on the Australia Competition platform with plans to compete in NSW, Tasmania, Nationals and the Pan Pacs.

Garage Jiu-Jitsu’ Grey Belt, Cruz Clarkin will also be joining State Competitions with ambitions to compete in the big interstate Competitions as well.  Cruz will continue his dedicated training regime alongside challenging himself at local competitions to support his preparation for his global debut at the Kids Worlds in LA in August.

What a year our little champions have planned! It’s an honour and a privilege to be part of each of the BRAUS youngster’s journeys.  Watching them grow as athletes and individuals through their BJJ training is a constant reminder to us of the positive significance BJJ and it’s lifestyle has on our lives and development.  Thankyou to our BRAUS Youngers for keeping us motivated on our quest to build BJJ knowledge and awareness throughout Australia and beyond. Have a great year champs! OSS