ROLLING FOR A REASON is a BRAUS FIGHT initiative aiming to support underprivileged or disabled children, adolescents and adults around Australia. Individuals recognised as having a disability are still simply people and as such deserve the opportunity to work on their personal development as much as anyone else in our community. ROLLING FOR A REASON partners with and champions a supportive network which allows everyone an equal opportunity to explore and develop themselves on the mat. Furthermore within our community, at school, home or on the streets, physical and verbal violence affects us all. To help combat this issue, ROLLING FOR A REASON aims to provide a positive alternative for our children and adolescents to immerse themselves in. Our community of Martial Arts enthusiasts support and guide disabled or underprivileged individuals by teaching them transferable life skills through their teachings of the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Benefiting from being part of a positive community environment, individuals from all walks of life will develop self-awareness, control, discipline and respect, whilst challenging themselves physically. They learn to harmonize movements and themselves. The art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is demanding on the mind and body; students effortlessly adapt their life to their learnings’ resulting in changes to their behavior outside the academy. ROLLING FOR A REASON provides access to a niche BJJ community by offering free BJJ classes for disabled or underprivileged persons around Australia. Our goal is to support our community in finding a better solution for managing life’s many challenges. Developing healthy, positive mindsets equates to both a better quality of life for the individual, but our society too. Its all of our jobs to embrace our peers and our community to support one another positively.