ROLLING FOR A REASON is a BRAUS FIGHT initiative built on a foundation of compassion with an inspired vision focused purely on giving back and supporting individuals, communities and the wider world alike.  R4AR was born with one purpose – to make a difference – to change lives.

The core values in which BRAUS FIGHT operates were deigned to encompass the greater mission of ROLLING FOR A REASON by leveraging the BRAUS FIGHT brands exposure for a greater good – The greater the brands exposure, the greater our reach and ability to impact positively those in need.

Since it’s conception in 2014, the range of projects ROLLING FOR A REASON has been privileged to support has varied in nature, whereabouts and support styles, all of which only continues to expand with opportunities arising regularly. Many of ROLLING FOR A REASONs projects and success have been the direct result of our beloved Jiu Jitsu community and their charitable donations. The shared desire to help is both humbling and inspiring. When humankind work together, we are so powerful.

A small taste of some of the projects ROLLING FOR A REASON has been involved in to date:

  • Supporting a number of institutions in Australia committed to providing equal opportunities for development for persons recognised as having disabilities. These incredible organisations facilitate appropriately tailored Jiu Jitsu classes, providing personal and physical development opportunities where they are may not have been usually offered. ROLLING FOR A REASON simply provides gear for these gyms to provide to these individuals, to help get them involved.
  • Around the globe, ROLLING FOR A REASON has provided a heap of gear for fundraising purposes for countless campaigns of varying purposes including raising funds for medical support, mental health support and community awareness projects.
  • In Brazil, a small selfless group of individuals identified a need to provide a deprived and insignificant community with purpose and went about building a modest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym for the locals to partake in classes in, supporting their sense of community and each other once more. ROLLING FOR A REASON was grateful to be engaged to provide funding to get this project up and running.
  • Several other already established gyms in Brazil as well as up the road in the United States for the soul purpose of offering Jiu Jitsu classes at no cost to underprivileged communities, primarily focusing on displaced youth. These centres have the hopeful vision of providing an alternative lifestyle choice through though the teachings of transferrable Jiu Jitsu skills to life like self awareness, self control, discipline and respect. ROLLING FOR A REASON provided the necessary gear required for these youths to partake in the classes.
  • ROLLING FOR A REASON has supported a number of exceptional people suffering chronic mental health issues by engaging them to work in areas of their interest at ROLLING FOR A REASON and BRAUS FIGHT. Inclusion and purpose, a sense of being a part of something; powerful tools in combatting mental health issues.

ROLLING FOR A REASON is passionately focused on continuing to support these themes of using the benefits of practicing Jiu Jitsu to build transferrable life skills as well as improving individuals sense of community and inclusion. But our strategy is to expand our reach further, impacting more broadly with differing themes of focus underpinning each cycles activity.  We deeply believe the endless challenges humankind and our planet face is a shared responsibility irrespective of an individual or communities demographic, geographic location, religion, race, sex, political preference or alike.  There is always an opportunity to do better, to be better, to give more.

ROLLING FOR A REASON is dedicated to leading from the front, to changing lives and serving others.  We all deserve to have hope and to have hope for a future and ROLLING FOR A REASON, with the support of our beloved Jiu Jitsu community will continue to embed change that lasts a lifetime.  The Fight Never Ends….

To speak to us about initiatives you believe may be aligned to ROLLING FOR A REASONS beliefs, to share a story that inspired you or for any enquiries contact us anytime on support@brausfight.com.au

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