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Braus Fight Jiu Jitsu 2018

It’s a wrap!

And here we are, that time of the year again, knee deep in the silly season and reflecting on what has been and look forward with hope of what will be!

2018 has been a ripper for us, it’s once again proven to be a truly humbling experience to be able to support such an incredible network of people and athletes as well as wider Jiu Jitsu communities.

This year we’ve been proud to see our athletes excel once again with countless achievements locally and abroad, including several new BJJ world titles, black, brown and purple belt grading’s and new local and international Jiu Jitsu champions! All equally import achievements, the outcome of continuing passion, hard work and dedication from each of you.

We’ve welcomed aboard some new male, female and youngster warriors, and said farewell to others whom we’ve had the privilege of supporting up until now and only wish the very best of luck with their future endeavours.

Rolling 4 A reason has once again impacted several groups of people this year, both in Brazil and here on home soil in Australia.  Being able to support those less fortunate continues to be our top priority. We’re always on the lookout to support those in need wherever we can, so please do not hesitate in contacting us with any ideas or suggestions.  For now, our current focus is on the Para -Brazil project – if you haven’t already done so, check out the page “The Project – Para, Brazil” and hear the story of a man with so little, giving so much. At this time of the year, it’s a timely reminder of just how fortunate we are and how much of a difference a small donation can make to those with so little.

Our lifestyle range saw the launch of our new accessory range this year as well as an expansion on tees and hats.  We’re pumped for 2019 where we can finally share with you new products in the lifestyle/fitness range which we’ve been working on tirelessly this year! Watch this space!

Last month we shared news of our partnership with Grappling Industries for 2019 – we’re stoked to be supporting a similarly focused business next year, as ever, our focus firmly on expanding the sport. We’re continuing to build out local relationships with individuals and Jiu Jitsu Gyms locally in Australia and New Zealand but equally were thrilled to have launched our US site a few months back.  We’re so excited to be representing Australia and New Zealand over in the States and can’t wait to see what we can do over there!  2019 will see more exciting international plans being launched but equally we’ve got a bag full of new exciting initiatives and opportunities we can’t wait to share with you all.

As always, we will take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support.  We are 100% focused on people and knowing that we are supporting so many is so fulfilling. Our commitment to you remains in 2019, to continue to support you on your BJJ journey; to continue to support the growth of the sport locally and abroad; and finally, to continue to support communities in need.  We strive to exceed on your expectations as always with forever the mindset…..The fight Never Ends.  Enjoy the Festive Season Everyone. See you in 2019! OSS